Regular Board Meeting

Monday, April 8, 2019  7:00 P.M.

Orfordville Village Hall

Main Board Room



                President David Olsen called the meeting to order at 7:00 P.M.  Present were President Olsen, Dan Bartelt, Beth Schmidt, Gary Phillips, Terry Gerber, and Jason Knox.  Also present were Chuck Boyce, Brian Colloton, Mike Eggleston, Ken Forbeck, Steve Hazeltine, Ben Heidemann, Jason Nehls, Ron Nelson, Attorney Michael Oellerich, Betty Olsen, Karen Peters, Molly Phillips, Mike Powers, Chief Brian Raupp, State Senator Janice Ringhand, Alexander Rucker, Russell Rucker, Karl Schmidt, Eugene Shoemaker, Jim Shumway, Rhonda Streich, Sarah Strunz, Karl Stuvengen, Nikki Tuffree, and Clerk Sherri Waege.


                Clerk Waege verified that on April 5, 2019, copies of the agenda were delivered to the President and Trustees; and posted at the Village Hall, Library, and the Farmer’s & Merchant’s Bank.  There were no additions made to the agenda.


                Motion by Phillips, seconded by Knox to approve the March 25, 2019 minutes.  Motion carried.


                Former Village Attorney Ken Forbeck was present and presented President Olsen a gift to remind him of their golf outings when he was the Village Attorney.  President Olsen thanked him for coming.




                Retirement of Karl Stuvengen.  Motion by Phillips, seconded by Bartelt to accept the retirement letter from Karl Stuvengen, effective August 2, 2019.  Motion carried.

                Pay Request #12 for the Wastewater Treatment Plant Upgrades.    Ben Heidemann from Town & Country Engineering explained pay request #12 for the upgrades for $248,428.93. Heidemann explained that the equipment is now all on site.   Heidemann further asked the Board to approve the pay request contingent on Portzen Construction complying with the American Iron & Steel requirements as required.  Motion by Gerber, seconded by Schmidt to approve Pay Request #12 for $248,428.93 contingent on receipt of the required paperwork from Portzen Construction to comply with the requirements of American Iron & Steel.  Motion carried.

                Change Orders for the Wastewater Treatment Plant Upgrades.  Heidemann explained that the change orders that were previously approved total $93,518.00 which includes bathroom changes, a new roof, painting changes, and other small miscellaneous changes.  Motion by Phillips, seconded by Schmidt to approve the payment of $93,518.00 for change orders for the upgrades at the Wastewater Treatment Plant.  Motion carried.

                Work Directives for the Wastewater Treatment Plant Upgrades.    Heidemann explained that a starter is needed for the air compressor.  Motion by Schmidt, seconded by Phillips to approve the Work Directive of a purchase of a starter for the air compressor at the Wastewater Treatment Plant.  Motion carried.


                Motion by Knox, seconded by Gerber to approve the Department Head Reports.  Motion carried.



                Motion by Gerber, seconded by Schmidt to approve the vouchers for $25,485.98.  Motion carried


                State Senator Janice Ringhand was present and read a Certificate of Commendation and Congratulations from the State of Wisconsin thanking President Olsen for his 26 years of service to the Village of Orfordville, signed by Senator Ringhand and Assemblyman Mark Spreitzer.  President Olsen thanked Senator Ringhand for coming and the Certificate of Commendation and Congratulations.

                Beth Schmidt presented President Olsen with a plaque from the Village of Orfordville.  Schmidt thanked President Olsen for his years of service to the Village.  Schmidt thanked President Olsen for his support of Economic Development, for the volunteer work that he has done for the Village, and highlighted the growth in the Village under President Olsen’s tenure.   President Olsen thanked Schmidt for the plaque. 

                Clerk Sherri Waege presented President Olsen with gifts from the Village.   Both gifts were made and purchased by local residents and businesses.  President Olsen received a metal hunting sign made by local resident Luke Forde.  President Olsen also received a quilt made by The Sassy Farm Chicks.   Clerk Waege thanked Rhonda Streich from the Sassy Farm Chicks for making the quilt in the short time frame.

                Karl Schmidt spoke and explained that it was a pleasure working with President Olsen on projects in the Village.   Schmidt explained that the Village owes a debt of gratitude to President Olsen for his volunteer work for helping with all the extra projects in the Village such as landscaping and decorating for the Holidays.

                Karl Stuvengen explained that as a former Village President, he knows of the knowledge that President Olsen is taking with him when he leaves.    Stuvengen thanked President Olsen for his service to the village.

                President Olsen thanked everyone for attending and for the kind words.   President Olsen explained that he appreciates the gifts and will still be around the Village.


                Motion by President Olsen, seconded by Gerber to adjourn at 7:27 p.m.  Motion carried.



                                                                                                                                Submitted by,


                                                                                                                                David Olsen

                                                                                                                                Village President


                                                                                                                                Sherri Waege

                                                                                                                                Village Clerk









Sherri Waege