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The Village of Orfordville
1900 - Present

On April 7, 1900, O.A. Peterson, G. Clemetson, T.O. Brown, T.E. Tollefsrud, and K.B. Thoen requested that the territory known as Orfordville be incorporated as a village. Orfordville was considered a part of Spring Valley Township at that time. The Petitioners requested that the judge of the circuit court allow 645.92 acres to be included in the proposed village. A complete census was required showing the current population in April, 1900, to be 396 people. Each head of household also had to be titled in the petition.

On June 6, 1900, Circuit Judge B.F. Dunwiddie reviewed the request of the five gentlemen. Judge Dunwiddie required the petitioners to conduct a local election to see if the residents of the proposed territory would favor the incorporation. Judge Dunwiddie ordered that an election be held on June 29, 1900 at the Star Opera House, currently the corner that is occupied by Donna's Gas & Grocery at 204 W. Brodhead Street. The results of the election would determine whether or not the territory would be incorporated. On June 29, 1900, 95 residents of the proposed territory cast their vote. The request to incorporate was supported by 65 votes, and opposed by 30 votes. The territory known as Orfordville then became known as the Village of Orfordville, and was no longer a part of Spring Valley Township.

All equipment and debt had to be split between the two municipalities. The village was allowed to keep a stone crusher, two scrapers, and a new plow. Spring Valley Township was allowed to keep the balance of the scrapers, plows, and election equipment. The township debt of $ 400.00 was also divided, which required the Village of Orfordville to reimburse the township for 1/6th of the debt.

On June 16, 17, and 18, 2000, the Village hosted a celebration to observe 100 years of being incorporated as a village. The celebration was held in conjunction with the annual June Days Celebration at Purdy Park.

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